Types of Commercial Construction Projects

Mar 12, 2021 | blog

Commercial construction involves designing, renovating, and building structures for commercial use. It’s a broad sector that features a vast array of projects categorized by the intended purpose of the building. The most common types of commercial construction projects are restaurants, retail stores, medical facilities, office buildings, hotel and lodging facilities, institutional buildings, industrial structures, and sports facilities. Let’s take a quick look at what makes each project unique, as well as the similarities that some of the buildings hold.

Types of Commercial Construction Projects


Restaurants aren’t just meant for eating nowadays, they are there to create a complete customer experience. Not only is restaurant construction complex because of safety protocols and electrical planning, but it also involves having a good design and an inviting atmosphere. Restaurants are unique compared to other construction projects because they require specialized mechanical, electrical, and plumbing to meet safety and health codes. In the industrial kitchen area, there needs to be ample water, waste, and gas lines, while the seating and lobby area relies heavily on functionality, durability, and decor.

Retail, Grocery Stores, and Shopping Malls

The overall goal for retail stores is to welcome shoppers and keep them coming back. This means both the interior and exterior need to be inviting and attractive. Since stores are so frequently visited by customers, the layout of the building/sales floor is very important – whether you’ve noticed it or not, most stores have strategically been constructed to offer a fluid movement throughout the entirety of the store. Lastly, the final touches of high-end finishes and lighting will make the space come together and reflect the brand’s image.

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities can include anything from hospitals and clinics, to nursing homes and veterinary offices. The structure, design, and requirements are much different than other types of construction projects. First and foremost, all facilities must be built to meet the regulatory and technical requirements of the state. The design will have to account for many rooms that need additional plumbing and electrical work. Medical facilities must be strategically planned with patient’s safety in mind. This means including fixed or movable components in rooms, good accessibility, and a circulating flow.

Office Buildings

Office spaces can have a lot of diversity in the way they are constructed. There are small businesses, corporate complexes, and even skyscrapers. Depending on the owner, the interior may differ based on having an open or closed concept. Either way, it’s important for offices to have dedicated spaces for collaboration and team meetings as well as quiet, individual workspaces. Overall, the building should provide an environment where people feel like they can get work done and be comfortable.

Hotel and Lodging Facilities

Hotels and motels can either be quite luxurious or fairly simple. In either case, the facility should focus on hospitality. The space should provide comfort and functionality that will result in an all-around great experience for your guests. Once again, the building will need to meet special requirements and have an equal distribution of power and water to each room.

Institutional Buildings

Institutional buildings include elementary, middle, and high schools, colleges, universities, and libraries. Each building can be quite unique as there’s no one-size-fits-all here. However, each building should cultivate learning and reflect a professional space. All in all, the day-to-day use of the space must be durable, functional, and accessible. In addition, you want the space to allow for community access and overall have a positive impact on the community.

Industrial Structures

Industrial spaces are quite different from the other projects based on the structure of the building. These structures could be factories or warehouses that are used to manufacture products or store materials. In most cases, these spaces need to be rather large to fit the equipment and materials. Space and safety are two very important aspects of these projects.

Sports Facilities

From little leagues to professional teams, more and more communities are investing in sports facilities. Whether it’s stadiums, arenas, gyms, or fitness centers, these sports facilities may be the most unique type of commercial projects. It’s unique in both the purpose and the design. Not only do you have to account for athletic spaces and equipment but comfortably accommodate for guest seating as well. Nowadays, many of these facilities have efficiency, durability, and versatility in mind when building.


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