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Manzitto’s management approach begins with the development of a comprehensive annual business plan based on the goals and objectives of the client. Implementation of the plan is supervised carefully and reviewed regularly.

‘Manzitto’s property manager’s know their properties and their contractors and vendors. Because the property manager’s are “result” oriented, they receive excellent response from their vendors. In providing management services, Manzitto’s emphasis stresses a commitment to maintain a high degree of tenant satisfaction while operating the property to maximize the long-term value of the asset.

Our management services include:

  • Asset management
  • Day to day operations
  • Tenant/landlord representation
  • Full bookkeeping and accounting

Property manager’s Contact Information: Dave Lessor (402) 617-1800

Frequently asked Questions

What does a commercial property management company do?

Commercial property management companies handle the day-to-day management of real estate properties in the commercial industry. These properties may include offices, malls, government, buildings, retail spaces, and more. Commercial property manager are in-charge of various duties, such as supervising tenant relations, collecting rent, negotiating leases, maintenance scheduling, and facilitating other necessary services. A property manager’s, property administrators, property accountants, and maintenance engineers. Whether you are getting into property ownership or have a long history in the real estate industry, hiring a third-party property management company can help you achieve your ownership goals. Contact Manzitto to learn more about our experience in property management.

Do commercial property management companies own the properties?

There are full-service real estate development firms that have in-house property manager’s or their own real estate portfolio, however, most commercial property management companies do not own the properties they manage. Instead, property owners and landlords hire third-party commercial property management companies to help them handle tenants’ day-to-day activities and other property needs. These commercial property management services include handling duties such as Tennant relations, rent collection, lease negotiations, maintenance scheduling, and facilitating necessary building services, in place of the property owner. Many investors choose to work with commercial property management companies to maximize return on their assets. You can learn more about the services offered at property management firms, call the commercial real estate specialists at Manzitto.

Do I need a property management company?

Investors and property owners regularly seek the services of licensed property management companies as they begin selling tenant leases. Experienced real estate manager’s help clients obtain the maximum return on their assets by improving cash flow. Increasing the length of tenant contracts, and optimizing property value. Businesses who work with a real estate developer to produce a build-to-suit leaseback arrangement often want property management services included in the deal. Business owners in a rent-to-own agreement appreciate not having to deal with complex dealings and maintenance of their building in the beginning stages of their lease. With several thousand real estate management options, you must find a qualified firm that will meet your personal investments objectives. Look for a property industry, and meets licensing and insurance requirements. Find out if Manzitto meets the mark for your commercial real estate management needs by contacting our team today.